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Why is it people feel the need to be so extreme these days? Instead of just disagreeing with someone else online, people feel the need to tell each other to 'kill themselves' as flippantly as they would to put the kettle on. When a teenager has a birthday, my home page on Facebook goes into meltdown, with over the top posts from their friends, that wouldn't be out of place in an Oscar acceptance speech.

What the hell is wrong with a simple, 'I don't agree with you Malcolm' or god forbid an ordinary 'Happy birthday Susan'? I bet these people that post such extreme comments online, don't feel half the emotion that they are saying they do. People that can so easily type harsh, horrible comments, on a post that states someone has died in a theme park incident, or a story of how someone's child managed to injure themselves for example, make me wonder if some of them feel at all?

Then there are the teenagers, who say how much they have been through with their friends, and how much they love them, after the ups and downs they have had - really at 13? Of course, that's a nice thing to say and I shouldn't be as worried about that - should I? However, when I see them commenting on each other’s pictures, telling each other they are hot, babes, etc... I do wonder how much they actually mean it. Are they being sincere or are they saying it because everyone else does and that's 'just what you do'? Are they just acting a certain way because that's all they know, or deep down do they know they are being insincere and worryingly learning at an early age to be completely false?

There's nothing wrong with building each other up, in fact I encourage it, but when it's the 'norm' to be overly complimentary all the time, surely it loses it's true meaning? Just as the evil words encouraging someone to end their life, or slating someone's parenting skills, become diluted. What will these people say when they want express themselves more, if they have used the most severe language they can use?

I would love to hear your thoughts.



03-03-2017 18:23
I have to say I agree with you Amy everything seems to be seeped in drama nowadays good or bad and it saddens me because speaking the truth is often slammed and dismissed because it isn't what people want to hear , I really dislike the whole prince and princess culture that seems to be taking over........let kids be kids and be real they won't always win every time or have the prettiest hair bow or newest batman outfit but it all goes towards teaching them life lessons x
03-03-2017 18:41
Exactly! Thank you for commenting x
04-03-2017 22:30
The good and the bad things are said in such drama because people are behind a keyboard. They can be the most loavable or nasty because there is no eye contact...
06-03-2017 11:07
Yes Fatima, I agree with that, but I believe that the younger generation are in fact learning to be fake.Thank you for taking the time to comment x
17-03-2017 09:54
Here here! There's no need at all for some of the horrible comments people post. It makes you wonder what goes on in their heads!
I totally agree with the over complimentary thing too. My teenage daughter gets & posts some very OTT things lol
17-03-2017 10:34
Thanks for reading Ange I appreciate it and welcome to my Facebook page, I see you have just joined us ;) x


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