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What's it like to want? Remember that saying, did you hear it as a child? Are you emotionally damaged because you didn't get everything you wanted growing up? How many of you feel pressured into buying your child the latest gadget for their birthday or Christmas? Maybe you do it because you believe they should have everything they want, because you didn't? It could be, you want them to have the best of everything, because you think they might get bullied if they don't. Whatever the reason, let me tell you why I think it's wrong.

What are we teaching our children if they get EVERYTHING they want? Are we teaching them how much we love them, by how much we spend on them? Are we shaping their personalities by showering them with lavish gifts at a young age? How character building is it to be given everything, as you ask for it?

I have always said, I would hate to win the lottery. People always laugh and sneer sarcastically, "Oh sure you would, it would be awful wouldn't it, all that money." Seriously, I would hate it. Too much at once, I think, would kill what most of us have right now. Wants. Dreams. Wishes.

How excited would you be in a shop, if you knew you could afford everything in it? Okay, most of you probably said you would love it. Now, picture being in the shop a week later, after you bought everything you wanted the week before, still excited? Probably not as much because there's nothing left to want. You have it all. You can go anywhere on holiday, anytime. Course it would be great, but how routine, even a plane trip would become, after the tenth time that year? How exciting would going to the travel agents be when it's done almost as often as popping to the shop? 

Why do so many famous people resort to drugs or crime? They have everything they want, buy anything they want, do anything they want and guess what? Eventually, it becomes boring. The novelty wears off. I love having to wait for things I really want. Saving up and picturing having it before I can afford it, all adds to the excitement. Why would it be different for a child? If they didn't have to wait for the things they wanted, their dreams would be over pretty quickly. Let's face it, it doesn't matter what it is we want, the novelty wears off eventually. Nobody is as excited by their new phone months down the line, as the day they opened it. 

This is why when my children have a birthday, I don't feel guilty for not showering them with ridiculously expensive gifts. I know I am helping them stand up to the kids that think life is all about how much you have. I know I am keeping their dreams alive by still leaving them wanting more. I know I am being responsible by not creating a demanding child, that believes the world owes them everything. 




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