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This post is for all the brides to be out there, or grooms of course. I would like to share with you my tips on how to get married on a tight budget. My own wedding day was organised on a very strict budget and it was, in my opinion, and even my guest’s, the best day ever!

Firstly a reminder, that the day is about you and your partner, not your guests. It's not a competition, a fashion show or a popularity contest, it's your wedding day and all that should matter is you and your partner saying "I do". If you are truly in love, it shouldn't matter that you haven't turned up in a glass coach, don't have a designer dress and haven't got Michael Buble booked for the night do. Having said all this, nobody wants to feel cheap on their wedding day, so I will let you in on a few tricks on how to keep costs down without feeling like you're missing out.

One of the main tips is to work with what you already have. Use what's in season to make things cheaper. If you get married in spring, use daffodils for your flowers, or have Easter egg favours. If it's summer, wear some diamante sandals under your dress to save on expensive shoes, or use buckets and spades as fun centre pieces. For an autumn wedding consider using painted pumpkins as table decorations, or indeed have a Halloween theme and make your guests dress up. In winter, you could have a hot chocolate bar complete with various toppings and sprinkles, or decorate the venue with tinsel, you could have mini Christmas trees as table decorations. 

Also, use your location to work for you. As I live near the beach, I collected and painted some pebbles white. Instead of a guest book, I left a marker pen and the pebbles in a white wicker basket for people to sign. You could take your guests on the seafront for chips for a memorable lunch. If you live in the country, hire a marquee and decorate it yourself. You could paint large twigs white and hang handmade decorations on them. Hollow out apples and place tea light candles in them for effective table ornaments. These ideas are very cheap, but with effort they will look nothing short of fantastic on the day. The more unique and fun your day is, the more it will stand out and be talked about for years to come. The main thing is to have fun and make sure you both enjoy the day.




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