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What do you do? Me? Oh, I’m just a mum. Ever said that? I have. What a stupid phrase it is.

Just a mum.

I’m not even going to start listing off the jobs that stay at home mums do. I know there are dads out there bringing up children at home too, so I do mean you as well of course. This isn’t a post about being a nurse, a taxi-driver or a cleaner. It isn’t one of those whinges about not having time off, holidays or breaks. I’m writing this post to bring attention to the fact that being a parent, who is responsible for the upbringing of one, or more children, is THE most important job on the planet.

A bit of an exaggeration I hear you say? Not really, here’s why.

As a parent it is our duty, to not only give our children the necessities of life - food, warmth, shelter, but to make sure they become a good person. To nourish them with love and attention. Shower them with hopes and dreams. Plant the seeds of inspiration, so they grow into goals that they want to achieve. Most of all teach them right from wrong and show them how to be kind.

These things are our responsibility as parents, not the teachers at school, their friends or the babysitter – OURS.

There are far too many videos circulating on-line of teenagers kicking the crap out of each other, or bullying someone while a crowd looks on, usually laughing and filming the atrocious event. What the hell are these children’s parents doing? What have they been teaching them? Why do they think that behaviour is acceptable? Have they showed them the effects of bullying someone? It’s our responsibility to teach them this behaviour isn’t just wrong, but disgusting and unacceptable.

Are simple morals like respecting our elders and good manners too old fashioned now? Is it not cool, to be polite and thankful? These simple things are up to us to instil into our children. They won’t just happen on their own. Teaching them things like offering to help others, or showing someone kindness who looks in need, are far more important qualities to have than doing chores around the house. Are you more bothered your child is popular at school and doesn’t put themselves in the firing line by speaking to a child who might be singled out? Think how you would feel if that was your child in need of a friend. It is so important we actively teach them these things, rather than just assuming it happens on its own.

When you think your job as a mum, or dad, isn’t enough, and there is so much more out there in the world you want to achieve, remember this. Childhood doesn’t last long at all. You are responsible for the way your children will turn out. Will they be kind, caring and a credit to you? Will they be the type of person to help someone else out through no gain to themselves? You could be bringing up the next Florence Nightingale or Albert Einstein. It is such an important job so please don’t ever say you’re ‘just a mum’. It’s your responsibility what the world will become, full of love and kindness or hate and bitterness. You don’t get more responsibility than that.

You are a dream maker, a hope planter, a wish grower.

You can shape their mind, make sure you shape it into a heart.




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