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Having just completed my shopping, I thought I would share some tips with you all on how to save a bit of money. After all, who doesn't like saving money? So firstly, never shop hungry. It's a proven fact if you're hungry you're likely to spend more. Now you have to make sure you're not that full that you come back with nothing, you don't want the kids starving because you stuffed a full English in before you went shopping.

Secondly, go with a plan. Even if it's a rough plan of the weeks meals, that you can change if there are reduced items you could put to use instead. If you are flexible on when you can shop, this makes it even cheaper, as supermarkets tend to reduce their stock the most on an evening. Lidl is good for reduced items, as they don't leave it until the day the product needs using by, to reduce the stock.

Don't fall foul to the tricks of the trade, like the end aisle offers that are in your face. These items are usually more expensive than the supermarket value range. How many of us are running a wholesalers? You don't really want 3 washing up liquids taking up room in your cupboards do you? Unless it's a good deal that you can afford, leave it on the shelf.

Always check the unit price. If you have a pack of 3 courgettes for £1.50 but they're only 40p each then buy seperately. Try not to shop on autopilot. Be aware of the prices and check the offers before you go, so you can meal plan according to them.

That's it for this week I can't give all my tricks away at once. Hope this helps some of you save some money.




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