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Isn't it funny? We live in an age, where even an innocent blog title such as 'Poor man's Paella' is probably classed as offensive. As I wrote it, I wondered if I should maybe call it something a bit more P.C. like, the not-so-wealthy-person-of-no-particular-gender-whatsoever's tea, that loosely resembles a Spanish dish. I didn't think it would be as catchy though, so excuse me if I offend anyone. It's rather hard not to in 2017 though, isn't it? 

I shall explain why I called it a 'poor man's paella', because, I don't use that ridiculously expensive ingredient saffron. There you go. I'm not mocking anyone who is in poverty, or assuming only men eat Paella. It's getting rather boring now though, reading posts about literally anything and seeing the arguments that follow. 

Here are a few examples of my favourite things the internet has been offended by:

Cute kid has a haircut: Internet goes mad slating parents, for putting the child at risk by turning said child into a self-obsessed brat, who will become focussed on nothing but his looks, because mummy and daddy wanted their boy to have a trim.

Kid kisses mummy: Internet goes mad saying mummy's an incestuous, sexual predator, that should refrain from lip-to-lip contact with offspring, as it's inappropriate. 

Daddy surprises kids coming home earlier than expected: Internet goes mad stating the father will emotionally damage the children by jumping out of a present, because they were expecting an X-box instead....

Okay the last one I made up but the other two - true stories.

Anyway, if like me, you don't get offended by everything you read, then you will appreciate that this recipe, is another cheap way, of feeding your family a tasty meal. This should be enough to feed 4.


300gm pre-cooked brown rice - cold

2 large chicken breasts cut into strips

150g fresh king prawns

6 spring onions sliced

100g frozen peas

Tbsp. turmeric

1 Chicken stock cube

300ml boiling water

Tbsp. coconut oil 

Lemon wedges to serve


Place the boiling water into a jug with the chicken stock cube and turmeric and stir until dissolved.

On a high heat, in a frying pan, cook the spring onions in the coconut oil for 2 minutes then add the chicken strips.

When the chicken is almost cooked after roughly 10 minutes, add the peas and prawns and stir.

Then add the rice, breaking up any clumps, and pour on the water with the stock cube and turmeric, stirring until it's absorbed and everything is cooked, roughly another 10 minutes.

Serve with lemon wedges, enjoy and remember not to get offended.


17-05-2017 16:20
Great recipe
05-06-2017 18:47
Thanks Jules I'm glad you enjoyed it :)


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