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Back in November, me and Chase, my youngest son, had the pleasure of talking to the lovely residents of Marton court, at the community centre in Whitby. I wanted to ask them for some tips and recipes for the blog, and wasn't sure if I would get what I needed, but I came away with so much more. On arrival, I was handed a Baileys, unfortunately, I had to refuse as I was driving, it had been Nora's 87th birthday the week before. What a happy woman with a radiant smile. There was Bob, Margaret, Margaret and Emily, who was 95 and looking amazing.

They all so kindly offered up plenty of stories, tips and recipes. I will try before posting, but I'm sure they'll taste yummy and they will cost very little. It felt good to sit and listen to them, telling me tales of their childhoods, and how they never had a lot but were always happy, never hungry or overweight. How they would knit and make their own clothes from a very young age and that they could make soups and stews from boiled bones and very cheap cuts of meat.

So why are children so different today? Imagine giving a child now, a sack of marbles or a spinning top and telling them to have hours of fun with it? Telling them that they have to knit their own clothes, or that for Christmas they would receive an orange and a little toy and some nuts in a stocking? Can you imagine the reaction? Their faces? So, what has changed? Why do a lot of children these days have a sense of entitlement, that they should get everything they want, but never seem happier for it when they have it?

The one thing, that everyone I spoke to had in common was, they all grew up with very little, but all said they were happy nonetheless. What does it cost to be happy? Nothing, or as Bob would say ‘nowt’. In an age where technology has impacted severely on everyday life, children are becoming more isolated from their families, sitting in front of screens rather than spending time with their siblings or friends. All the time becoming addicted to an on-line world, where most games involve the same thing, tapping on a screen-and they would find marbles boring?

A world where friends are on a screen and not outside. Children's speech has even been affected, due to lack of conversation. I'm not saying the internet is a bad thing, after all it helps people connect from far and wide and has the answers to most questions you could ask. How many of us prefer to sit typing to someone, instead of ringing them for a chat? How many face to face, not Facebook, conversations have you had recently?

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to these lovely people today and I will be doing it more frequently as there is so much we can learn from the older generation. Not only are they teaching me new things, but they loved speaking to me and Chase so everybody was happy.

I challenge you to a technology free day and see how much fun you can have together.


25-01-2017 08:10
Hello just found your blog recently and love what I read. Found this older post very poignant as we lost mum back in November and every day is still a challenge. Mum would always tell us tales about growing up in the war (she was 5 when it began); sitting in the evenings having knitting races with her mum and older sisters - their mum always won! Having to sort out the chickens before she went to school! Walking everywhere or biking as they never had a car and no one could drive in their family anyway - of 5 girls she was the only one who ever learned in her late 30s - bless her!
On another note - I totally agree with what you say about electronic gadgets taking away the ability to interact and talk- you see it everywhere. Hate to see mums walking along on mobiles while baby sits in buggy mute. Makes me sad and I hope that my new baby grandson does not get swept up into that way of life. His mum and dad are both chatterboxes so probably not.
Keep up all you do so well and I will enjoy reading it all. Best wishes to you and yours.
25-01-2017 09:16
Hi Angela I'm sorry to read about your mum she sounds like a lovely woman. My dad used to have chickens too. I bet their bathroom was busy on a morning with 5 girls. I'm pleased to hear you enjoy my blog and I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Congratulations on your grandson too! Amy x


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