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Do you love yourself? Are you happy with your appearance? Do you like who you are and what you look like? I wonder how many of you can, hand on heart, say yes to those questions. It’s not about being vain, or self-obsessed, it’s about accepting who you are and embracing it.

I can’t believe the amount, of young girls who are getting plastic surgery. I thought it was bad enough, to see them cake themselves in make-up beyond recognition. Now they are making irreversible changes to their appearances, in the faint hope they will resemble something they saw on Instagram.

It’s not like it’s even a secret anymore, that most of these pictures are massively manipulated. From increasing the size of your bum – are they too young to remember the days a big bum was something we dreaded? – to pinching in a tiny waist - which let’s face it, we need somewhere to store our internal organs, or are they not cool anymore either?

Don’t get me started on the Snapchat filter that swipes across your face and miraculously makes you look ‘beautiful’. Thinning out your face – bit cheeky, wiping off blemishes - I like my freckles thanks, making your eyes large – I’m not a bloody fish, dog, or any other type of animal. I must sound like a real killjoy now, that’s not what I want, as I’m up for a laugh as much as the next person. When it comes to impressionable young people, being told that they are not beautiful as they are, that makes me angry.

I can’t understand why they would go to such extreme lengths, to alter their faces and bodies, for the sake of a passing fad, which is exactly what it is. What happens when big lips aren’t ‘fashionable’ anymore? Have they thought about that? Cast your mind back to the 90’s – if you’re old enough – remember the phase of tiny eyebrows? Plucked bare until you were left with a thin line, some even shaved them off and drew a line on. At least that was hair that can grow back, when years later it’s been decided it’s cool to have bushy brows.

What are they going to do, when the new trend is thin lips, small cheeks and a big belly? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? I’m sure a few years ago, if we had been told - after trying our hardest to get rid of our wobbly derrieres, thanks to them being portrayed as ugly- that they would become a fashion statement, we would have sat pretty on our behinds. Pun intended.

Stop and ask yourself, why would the media change what they think beauty is? Is it because every now and again, an icon comes along who everyone loves so much, they decide to go out and look like them? No of course is isn’t. Money. That’s what. According to the Sunday Times beauty economy report in November 2016, sales in the U.K topped £4 billion. There’s the reason they make you feel ugly and not picture perfect. The sad thing is so many young people are getting plastic surgery because they are not happy, only to discover they still find themselves longing for more work to be done.

In a world where all young women, on television, are starting to look the same, be different. Be the one who keeps their quirkiness. Imagine not far in the future from now, most people look like clones and you are in a minority of people who look unique – how cool would that be? To be different and stand out from a crowd. To be noticeable, one of a kind. What happens when that becomes fashionable? Back to the surgeon for everything you had done taken out? Wouldn’t that have been a massive waste of time, money and pain?


To the young people who think they need help to look perfect, you are perfect as you are. Every blemish, every crooked feature, every inch of you is perfect because you are you and there is no other you in the world. Stop letting the media tell you that you aren’t enough. You are more than enough. To the people who are so unhappy they are considering going under the knife, please, please, please go and work on your self-esteem some other way. Learn to be happy with yourself as you are, because you ARE worth it. It’s irony, when I end on a slogan for a multi-billion-pound company, trying to tell you for free how much you are worth.




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