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It's that time of year again, where we get told we should be feeling loved up and romantic- like we can't think for ourselves right? Shops rely on us doing as we're told, when we're told, so we spend our money all the time. Just think, if we actually did what we want for a change and decided on a romantic meal, bunch of flowers or bottle of fizz any other day than February the 14th. 

I'm no killjoy by any means, before the negative Nelly's start, I'm not suggesting everybody should cancel being romantic on Valentine's day. What I am suggesting is, for those of us who find it hard to pluck extra money out of thin air, just because we're told we should be celebrating, don't feel pressured into it. If you and your partner are truely in love, then you will both understand if you don't wake up to cards, flowers and chocolates on the day it is expected. I mean isn't spontaneity the key to a happy relationship?

To keep a relationship alive it's all about the unexpected love notes, flowers for no reason or back rubs when they have had a hard day. Showing your partner you care every day of the year and not just a commercialised day, created to have us spending like there's no tomorrow, is the best way to keep that spark.

Having said all this, if you do want to take part in the day and can't afford to splash out on lavish gifts, then get creative and make something. A card is easy to make and some designs at the moment literally feature a phrase written on the front. Think of your own witty anecdote and voila! Handmade card at the ready. If you do have a hidden talent such as photography, painting or even woodwork, then use your skills to create something personal for your loved one. How about a poem, their favourite sweets forged into a heart stuck onto some card with icing sugar or a souvenier from their favourite place. If you can't make anything then look for heart shaped objects - see picture above for inspiration.

It's easy if you get your imagination going. Another helpful tip is to really listen to your partner. They will tell you what they love in conversation, you won't have to ask. What do they dream of? Who is their inspiration? What makes them tick? All these facts are easily answered with the right questions, make notes when you hear them talking of things they really love and it will be easy to create a meaningful gift not just for Valentine's day but any day. 


13-02-2017 20:28
After 45 years of very happy marriage, I totally agree. We don't send cards or so flowers and sweets on the day. That's not to say we don't have the occasional treat but we aren't dictated to by commercial enterprises. Great post
13-02-2017 21:17
Congratulations on your long lasting love affair Brenda! Glad to hear you are clued up and don't get sucked into it. It's not about being stingy, it's about being wise with your money isn't it ;) Thank you for your comments I do appreciate them :)


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