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Happy new year to you all, I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and feel ready to take on new challenges in 2018. I love the feeling a new year brings. A fresh diary full of blank pages, ready to fill with more adventures and stories. Deep cleaning the house after the festive get togethers and the dusty decorations have made their way back to the loft. My personal favourite, is a new perspective brought around by the start of 365 brand new days, ready to be filled with whatever you choose. The time you sit back and evaluate what about the last year you would do differently, or what about the year ahead you want to change. 

It's not all about cutting short your happpiness by giving up the nicer things in life and starving yourself of enjoyment. Do you feel you are reaching your potential? When you look at yourself, do you see the person you want to be standing in front of you? If not, why? What is it you need to be doing to be the person you want to be? If you need some great advice to help you along the way, then this blog post by Butterfly Hartley is for you, As If! She writes about having an 'As if' attitude and it's already helped me on my way.

Get rid of the body image, weight and size thing for now. Forget that you aren't 'Instagram perfect' - nobody is, hint -  it's all filters! Don't think about looks, lose the ego for a second and think about what kind of person you want to be. When you are no longer in this world, how do you want to be remembered? What kind of children do you want to raise? What impact do YOU want to have on the people around you? What do you want to learn? Are there any new hobbies you want to take up?

Instead of obsessing about losing a few pounds, or wishing for perfect body parts, why not aim for putting more effort into your relationships? What about trying to be kinder, more polite or helpful? How good would it be to learn a new language? Of course, if your goal is to be fitter and healthier, then great. Looking after yourself properly is a fantastic place to start, after all when you feel fit and healthy, you are more likely to be happy anyway. The point is not to feel down because you spent Christmas enjoying yourself and now are being made to feel bad about it. Instead, carry on being you and think, how can I make some positive changes this year? Or, how can I help make some positive changes in someone else's life? 

Scrap the list that says you need to give up chocolate, you're an adult. You can eat chocolate when the heck you want, but if you want to be fit and healthy then watch how often you eat it. It's that simple. Don't set yourself up for failure, you're already winning. 


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Love you blog and such profound words ....thankyou X


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