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I hope you have enjoyed my Halloween instalments and you are all planning on throwing a party this year. As promised, here is my last post about dressing up and playing games at your party without spending a great deal of money. You really don't need to spend loads on fancy props and outfits to look the part at your spooky get together.

Now is the time to make use of clothes that don't fit anymore, have holes in or even old fancy dress outfits that can be made spooky. Neve, my daughter, had a part in the play at school as a clown and I had to buy an outfit for her to wear once. Being thrifty this really bugged me, until Halloween of course. The clown outfit came in handy again and she became a scary clown.

I know it's not the best of examples, considering the stupid craze surrounding clowns at the moment, but almost any non-Halloween related fancy dress costume can come in handy. I have used old dressing up outfits to cut up and make new ones from. With a bit of imagination and effort you will look better than a shop bought outfit. 

My eldest daughter, Olivia, is 15 now and she still loves to get dressed up. We used an old onesie to make her into a doll. With back-combed pig-tails, a teddy bear and a great tutorial on Youtube, we made her up quite creepy. Again, don't spend silly amounts of money on face paint and accessories, the pound shops sell kits, or even talc, red lipstick and an eyeliner would do the trick.

The best thing is, we all get involved and create a buzz of excitement for the kids and that costs nothing to do. 

I'm the biggest kid at heart and love making it special for the children. We play lots of spooky games together too. I do invest in the cheapest toilet roll I can find so we can play 'Make a Mummy' where the children grab an adult and a toilet roll, the first one to completely cover their 'Mummy' in toilet roll wins.

The main thing is everyone has loads of fun and everyone must join in. The next game we play is 'Pin the Heart on the Skeleton'. As the name suggests you cut out a paper heart and try to pin it to the correct place on a skeleton, we bought this from the pound shop, whilst blindfolded. Closest wins, you could use different organs for different children, if you wanted to test the older kid’s knowledge a bit, pin the kidney or liver?

Another thing we do is take any old party game and rename it. Musical bumps turns into musical zombies, pass the parcel could be pass the brain- whoever it stops on 'dies' (is out) or musical statues is musical mummies where you stand with your arms out instead of 'freezing'. 

None of these ideas cost anything, so there is no reason you can't have fun, so get the house decorated, plan your food and have fun.




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