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I am disgusted to say I have witnessed a lot of online bullying lately and the effects it has on people. I’ve seen grown men and women acting like they are in a school yard, hurling venomous insults around, as readily as they would a quick hello, to someone in the street. Their main aim, to cause the other person as much distress as they can. Showing off to a crowd of spectators who either, join in, or watch silently and say nothing.

Within a few clicks, or the flick of a switch it is over for them. They go back to their lives and focus on what is really important to them, forgetting all about the person they have reduced to a wreck at the other end of their screen. Or worse still, they carry on the abuse in real life, with a hate fuelled vendetta to fill. Focusing so much on a person, trying to destroy their character, to the point of humiliation and degradation.

These are grown adults. Not children. Setting shining examples of how to be a nasty human to the next generation.

If I could reach out to anyone who is going through this right now, I would say to you this. You are amazing, don’t let anyone dull your sparkle. Be you and stay unique. There’s no-one else in the world like you. You are obviously doing something that makes the trolls jealous, don’t stop doing it. Don’t do anything with the intention of trying to annoy them, don’t give them that importance in your life. Focus on making your life even better, don’t let them hold you back. They are fuelled by fear. Fear of failure. Fear of stepping out of a box and standing up to be counted. Fear of never making it themselves. Fear of going against a crowd and making it on their own. Fear of living the life of their dreams.

To the bullies, why not try and focus on making your own life so rich and full of good things that you have no time for hating on others? How about taking up pass times that fill you with happiness and joy? If you have enough energy to direct hatred towards another human, you aren’t doing enough in your own life, to have a fully productive and positive time. Guess what, you aren’t here forever, life is so short it will be over in the blink of an eye. What do you want to remember when your time comes? How you were nasty enough to someone to reduce them to tears? How you humiliated someone so badly they almost had a breakdown? Maybe someone is now contemplating taking their own life, because they can’t bare to read anymore insults? Is that truly what you want to fill your limited amount of time on this planet achieving? If you are that angry inside maybe you should go and seek help to make yourself better, instead of putting your feelings onto others.




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