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As I’m sure you are all aware by now, I’m in the process of changing my blog name. Why? I hear you ask? If it isn’t broke don’t fix it, you’re thinking? Well, in the words of a very wise man – my lovely late dad – If things don’t change, they’ll stay as they are. This is true. If there’s one thing in life we can be sure of, it’s that everything changes. Technology for instance, it progresses so rapidly these days I feel like an extra in Total Recall – not the one with three boobs - before long we’ll be jumping in a Johnny cab driven by a robot.

There are situations that we know are going to happen, such as seasons ending and the weather turning. These occurrences are easy to accept, as we’re ready for them. They don’t rock our worlds and make us uncomfortable, as we are prepared for what is coming. You might have all your children living at home, be happily married and comfortable, taking it for granted that this is how life is going to be. Then something unpredictable happens and you find yourself having to come to terms with a new version of your life.

The greatest thing we can do when our normality has been turned into chaos, is to go with it. Roll with the changes. Accepting what is now and adapting to it, is the best thing to do. Dwelling on tough times will not make them any easier. Moaning about the life that is now, compared to what was, will not turn back time. The quicker you can move on and get used to the new chapter in your story, the better.

Then there are the changes we decide on making. Leaving a job, marrying your partner, having a baby. All these things are big decisions and massively impact on our lives, but we choose to do them anyway, and life can be better for it. Sometimes, we feel fear and let the fear take control, allowing it to keep us where everything is familiar and comfortable. This fear stunts the growth of many a dream, kills people’s goals faster than they thought of them and prevents us from taking a leap of faith, which just might result in victory.

I decided, the new name of my blog, Life with Amy Kelly, will open me up to posting about so much more, than what I had for my tea and how much it cost. Besides, you will be able to read about that when my book comes out. So, yes, I know a lot of you loved the Hard up and Happy name, as did I, but it’s served its purpose and now I’m ready to make a change. Was I scared to change something that was already successful? Yes, of course! But I felt the fear and did it anyway, that’s what I always tell the kids to do if they’re scared about something.

So remember, If things don’t change, they’ll stay as they are – Peter Gallagher.


20-01-2018 06:49
Beautifully written post, I have followed you for a while and believe mamas should support each other. Death certainly changes your perspective. Huge hugs x
20-01-2018 10:57
Well done Any. Love the name change.
20-01-2018 11:25
Hi Mell, thanks for your kind comment! I appreciate your support. You're most definitely right, we should all support each other, hugs back lovely xx
20-01-2018 11:26
Thank you Diane I appreciate that. I figured it can't take much getting used to really when it's my name - that was my logic anyway haha! xx


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