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As the Summer holidays come to an end, I like to look back at what we have done and usually feel tired out with trips here, there and everywhere. However, this year is different. The weather’s been rubbish, the purse has been empty and quite frankly we have done most things to death. We have done lots of arts, crafts and baking though- and I must admit, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed these normal, homely days spent chilling out, kicking back in our pyjamas or having games marathons.

You need to appreciate the ordinary and simple pleasures in life. We can’t always look forward and wish our lives away, because now is life. Right now, the days we spend waiting for the next thing to happen are the days that make life up and one day we will look back at these days and know they were the best.

Anyway, now I’ve had my moment of clarity, I will swiftly move on and give you the recipe for these deliciously moist muffins- that IS why you’re here after all!


Makes 12 muffins - suitabe for vegans



3 over ripe bananas

Handful of blueberries

75g coconut oil melted

100g sugar

100g plain flour

100g self-raising

Tsp baking powder

Tsp bicarbonate of soda



Pre-heat the oven to 200

Mash the bananas with a fork until sloppy and mix together with the coconut oil and sugar in a bowl

In a separate bowl, sift the flours, baking powder and bicarbonate of soda together

Fold the floury mix into the banana mix gradually until combined

Pour into 12 large muffin cases and place into the oven for 15-20 mins




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