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It's that time of year already, the Monday of months. January. After ramming adverts about luxurious food and drink down our throats for three months, now is the time we get made to feel like crap about it and told we now need to work it all off. It's a load of rubbish I say, be kind to yourself in January.

Who says, just because Christmas has finished, the season of goodwill must end? Or that we can't treat ourselves and have magical family times together? Don't feel bad, because the latest celebrity has lost a few pounds, by trying the latest faddy diet, and a few more-thanks to photoshop. If you really feel like you have over indulged and want to get back into shape, then take small steps and make a few changes. Cut back on portion sizes, sugary treats and drink plenty of water.

Take walks instead of driving and make it fun. Take a camera and snap everything of a certain colour, or things that begin with a different letter. Challenge yourself, by seeing how long it takes you to get somewhere and then try to beat it next time. The best thing is, if you are feeling down because money's tight, or just because the festive season has ended, then getting out in the fresh air is the best medicine in the world. I love a good walk on the beach to blow away the cobwebs.

If you have a good clear out of the toys your children no longer play with, or clothes you don't need, why not sell them on a free site such as Facebook and then put the money in a family saving pot. Set a goal, of an amount of money you need to do something together. It could be to go see a movie, a trip to the zoo or even a few nights away together. Buy one of those money boxes that you can only open with a tin opener, so you won't be tempted to borrow from it, they sell them in Poundland.

Sit and plan 12 family dates for the next year, one for each month and then you will have something to look forward to. These don't have to be expensive they can be cheap or free, remember the breakfast picnic from my earlier post? Apply the same magic throughout the year, as you do at Christmas it costs nothing. Just remember be kind to yourself, and others it costs nothing.




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