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2017. There it is. Four numbers. That’s all they are. So why am I seeing people begging these four numbers, asking for a better year? How can a set of digits change the world?


It’s just as absurd, to think that the last set of four digits, 2016, had any influence over the amount of deaths-celebrity or otherwise, conflicts, attacks or general negativity. If only we realised it’s US that have all the power. Not a set of numbers but me and you. People. We hold the key to a better 2017 or any other four digits for that matter, because it is what we do that changes the world.


Instead of concentrating on which celebrity has died this week, why don’t we look for good news instead. The rising stars of tomorrow, heroic children battling against the odds, or even cute animals if that’s what makes you smile? Even better than sharing good news is being the good news.


Think of a cause you have always wanted to help and make small steps to do your bit. Everyone has the power to be a better person and make a good difference in the world. If you are responsible for any children, then you hold the power to form part of the next generation. Kindness matters.

Raise and mould them into kind, caring and generous individuals who want to do the right thing.

There is always a way to make a positive change in the world, so don’t ask 2017 to be better. Do it yourself. Happy New Year.


21-01-2017 14:35
You are so right Amy. Life is what we make it and the poorest people can be the happiest. We need to enjoy the small things in life. Thank you for sharing your recipes to help us all make the most of what we have.
21-01-2017 15:34
Thank you brenda I appreciate your comments. I'm so glad you enjoy my blog.


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