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It amazes me how many hours there are in a day that don't get used. These hours, unwanted by people that just let them float past, like used ticket stubs at a concert. What if hours were £20 notes, would we let them go so easily then? Of course not. But why would we treat money more valuable than time? When time runs out we're dead. If money runs out we're skint. Which is more important?

Times are hard for a lot of people I know that. I'm not blind to the fact that many are in poverty and at one point, I was worried sick how my next batch of bills were going to get paid. How I was going to make £6 stretch to feed 3 of us for the week AND buy washing powder to wash the school clothes. Having to choose between gas or electric. I'm not writing the posts I do out of ignorance, or with an idealistic attitude. I have been at rock bottom in more ways than one.

If you set aside just one of the 24 hours you get, EVERY SINGLE DAY, for learning something new, imagine how much you would know? How amazing would it be to teach yourself a new language? How fantastic to learn a new craft? Think of the money you would save if you taught yourself some D.I.Y skills.

What about using one of those hours to do good for others? Visiting a friend going through a hard time- you could be saving them from loneliness. Helping an elderly person out by taking them a meal- you could be stopping them from starving. Walking a neighbour's dog- you could be preventing that pet from being taken to the kennels, because the owner can't walk it anymore.

Those are just two precious hours, from one of many days. There are so many more ways to spend them, you are the one who gets to decide. By all means stare at the screen in your hand, watch the marathon box sets of your favourite programme, play those video games until your eyes hurt but remember......they won't come back. 

Once they're gone, they're gone. 





20-04-2017 07:26
Wise words that does make you stop and think. I apply the same principle to my budget..... I allocate that I earn a tenner an hour...I ask myself how long would I have to work to get this.?.....is it worth it? Do I really need it? Nine times out of ten I put it back now! But now I will do the same with time. I love your blog and as a family of 6 on very limited funds I find your words are like advice from a Sister I never had. Blessings to your family and thankyou for your support xxx
20-04-2017 18:39
Hi Fay,
Thank you so much for your kind comment. I love hearing from people who read my blog so I do appreciate it. That's a great way to look at things you want - I'm currently doing the same with calories and am less inclined to grab a biscuit when I know how long it takes to work off haha! I wish you and your lovely family all the very best, and make sure you keep reading ;) Amy xxx


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